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This blog is intended as a place for personal expression, unrestricted by and unformatted by any of my associates’ preferences or any of my commercial affiliations. If you think “this doesn’t look like (insert your previous experience of me here),” you’re probably right.

Let me help you with a few things.

The images I use here are put here because I personally respond to them. I hope they are either pleasing or evocative. However, there is or can be more to them than that.

Certain of the images here I have made available to be printed as greeting cards, produced by professional experts (certainly not by me!) and mailed in the physical post for you/me by those experts. The cards are real paper things, and either someone gets paid for you to send them (sometimes me) or I pay for you to do so if I’m gifting them to you. I can do either, and I like to do both.

The service that does this is one I use all the time, which is why I’m willing to sell it.

If you see an image on this blog and think you would have a use for it in print format, here are the ways you can accomplish that:

If you have never used my service, which is called SendOutCards, send me an email so that Michael or I can send you back a username and password to an account we’ve paid for in your name with the image you requested already in it ready to use. We’ll include a bit of instruction, but there are lots of video tutorials for your reference where you’ll land. If you get lost, don’t be shy: phone us. Neither of us bites.

If you are already a SendOutCards aficionado, email us anyway and mention which image you’d like and your user id only. (Don’t give us your password!) We can then “share” the image into your account for your use. You don’t need to be our own customer. That would just be stingy. The more the merrier.

I hope this will make some of the posts less commercially-oriented, more topic-centric, and shorter.

Be brave. Ask. I love doing this.

Michael is my beloved spouse and business partner. We’ve been offering this service together since 2006.

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